Do you feel a bit off?

It's more common than you think.

1 in 5 Kiwi's experience some form of stress, anxiety and depression.  Rugby and the sporting community are no different.

On this page you will find information to help players, coaches, support staff and families in the rugby community to support their own wellbeing and that of others.

“A problem shared is a problem halved” is a common saying that is very true when it comes to asking for help. It is really common, especially in New Zealand, for people to feel uncomfortable about asking for help. However, as you will hear from the players in the video's on this page, asking for help is one the best things you can do. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or want to know how to talk to someone, this information will help get you started. Or if you need help right now click below to find out how.

Click here to get help now

If you don’t feel like you are in danger but things are getting pretty grim, you still need to talk to someone right away – trained counsellors are ready and waiting to help. The list below will help you figure out where to start.

Some of these groups are specifically for young people so they have a great understanding of how you might be feeling and what to do to help.

These places are also great to help support you if you’re worried about someone you know. If you think someone’s safety is in danger, then you need to get help right now. Ring 111 and explain your concerns to them so they can get the right people along to help straight away.